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TIME PARADOX :: Music (drum & bass)
Music is a universal language. The genre I like the most is drum & bass. I started listening to drum & bass when I was 15 years old and I discovered the genre on the Internet. The first track I heard was Style from the Dark Side, produced by Aphrodite. Later on I discovered more and more tracks from different producers. The more I heard, the more I got addicted to this music genre. One of my most favorite drum & bass producers is Netsky. He's from Belgium too! Besides that, I also like listening to some goa trance from time to time.

Drum & bass is the most popular drum & bass related message board in Belgium. You can discuss several aspects of the drum & bass scene on the public forum there. Check out this thread on to download some drum & bass mixes and post your own. Those of you who create their own tracks and/or mixes can also post their stuff there and discuss drum & bass in general. My nickname on the message board is Benito. I've posted there a few times in the past, but haven't anymore in a long time. Check out the mixes below: they're audio recordings of DJ sets, played at Stealth Bombers events. Right click and select "save target as..." to download them.

I'd like to add more drum & bass mixes to this list.
You can e-mail me some suggestions if you want!

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