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The name of this website finds its origin from the video game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, created by Japanese video game developer Hideo Kojima, who works for Konami. This game is set in the year 1964 and is a prequel to all other Metal Gear games. An important character in the storyline is a man called Revolver Ocelot. At certain moments during the game, it's actually possible to kill Ocelot, but by doing so you get a game over screen. At this point, a voice will tell you that you've created a time paradox. You get the same message when you die, see a game over screen and wait long enough for the words "Snake is dead" to change into "Time Paradox". I've seen this happen in the game, thought it sounded cool and decided to register the domain in the year 2007. Read this article on Wikipedia for more information about "time paradox".


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